Ralph Lauren’s ‘Sustainability Stories’ in association with The Conduit Episode 1: Peter Semple

Season 4, Episode 1,   Apr 22, 2020, 11:00 AM

Paul's guest in this episode is Peter Semple, Chief Marketing Officer at Depop, the fashion marketplace app with a cult Gen-Z following and 20 million users worldwide. He delves into what lies behind the astronomic growth of the second-hand apparel market, reflects on the role of traditional brands in creating a more sustainable fashion industry and shares why community is so important to Depop's success.

This episode is part of a new series exploring sustainability in fashion, created in partnership with Ralph Lauren. Throughout this series, we’re inviting key leaders, academics, creatives and entrepreneurs to share their stories and views on the challenges and opportunities of today’s fashion industry. We’ll look at how brands, influencers and media can pull together to deliver much-needed positive change, and explore the collaborations and innovations shaping a more sustainable future.

This series is inspired by ‘Design The Change’, Ralph Lauren’s global strategic roadmap to create timeless style, protect the environment and champion better lives, in line with the G7 fashion pact and the United Nations Global Compact.

For more information on Ralph Lauren’s sustainability charter, visit www.ralphlauren.com and to learn more about their Design the Change programme, please visit https://corporate.ralphlauren.com.

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