Episode 141 - Austin Simmons of Tris

Apr 23, 11:00 AM

Today on the podcast Eric is joined by Avondale Food & Wine owner Mary Clarkson to discuss some the latest happenings from the Houston restaurant and bar scene including the paycheck protection plan that was supposed to help out many local restaurants in need but in actuality really didn't, the latest restaurants reopening for takeout service during the crisis, and Travis McShane's new restaurant in the works called Ostia. In the Restaurants of the Week portion Eric and Mary highlight some of the local restaurants that they're ordering takeout from. In the Guest of the Week section Eric is joined by Austin Simmons of Tris. Eric speaks with Austin about what he and his team are doing at Tris amidst the crisis, his experience so far, retooling the menu for takeout, the steps that they take to keep customers safe, the future of the restaurant business, what types of restaurants will suffer the most, his plans for HeartBrand X beef, and more!

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