Thursday, April 23: Skeptical Steve Questions Coronavirus Info, North Branford Mayor's Basement Quarantine, Joe Meyers Recommends Movies and TV Shows to Watch

Apr 23, 2020, 06:37 PM

Steve from Meriden called Chaz and AJ this morning to express his skepticism over the reported information on COVID-19, and is ready to let everyone go back to work. (0:00) 

Mayor Bob Viglione of North Branford was on this morning to explain his three week quarantine in his basement, while also running the town. (9:06)

Movie Critic Joe Meyers called Chaz and AJ with some movie and TV show recommendations to binge and watch while we're all at home. (20:19) 

NFL Agent Joe Linta was on to make some draft predictions for the televised NFL draft tonight, including what the Patriots plan to do now that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are in Tampa Bay. (35:21) 

Live Nation's Jimmy Koplik was on this morning to talk about favorite albums with the Tribe. Jimmy thinks the first Crosby, Stills and Nash record is perfect. (45:27)

The Mayor of Las Vegas went viral for ignorant and callous statements she made to Anderson Cooper about being willing to open up the city with no quarantine restrictions. (1:02:53)