"The Problem with Ignorance" by Alan James

Season 3,  Apr 27, 2020, 01:35 PM

Wanting is the cause of suffering - wanting things to be different. Most people ignore this fact, and they are also unaware of ethical action, kamma, and its inevitable results. For happiness in the world we need to live restraining harmful action. Attachment to things of the world is the problem, and leads to continued rebirth in Samsara. To transcend unhappiness altogether we have to gain direct knowledge of the three marks, particularly transience, for once we see that nothing lasts, craving and attachment 

Alan James founded the House of Inner Tranquillity, along with his wife Jacqui James in 1980. He continued to teach the way to enlightenment until his retirement in 2010.  

This talk was originally given in December 2002.