141: Bad Education and Frontline's "Terror In Little Saigon"

Apr 29, 2020, 01:00 PM

Toby Ball takes a break from refilling the Clorox shot-ski to talk about HBO's ripped-from-the-2004-headlines docudrama, Bad Education, in which Wolverine and CJ Cregg defraud the Roslyn school district -- and Toby and I really liked it, but did it need a stronger or more singular point of view? Should it have embraced its All The President's American Vandals nature more openly? And what is Janney's accent doing?

Later, we went back to 2015 for a rather un-Frontline-y Frontline that tried to dig into the murders of Vietnamese journalists by an anti-Communist kill squad. Why does "Terror In Little Saigon" feel more like a Cold Justice than a Frontline? What should the episode have investigated instead? And how does Young Sheldon's grandfather figure into all of this? Drop off thirty grand worth of dry cleaning and join us for The Blotter Presents, Episode 141.