Meaning Business: Craig Wilson on the Ventilator Challenge and Williams Advanced Engineering

Apr 29, 11:05 AM
Meaning Business is a new podcast series, where Simon Lambert speaks to people from the world of business, who are doing interesting, innovative and meaningful things.

It will appear in your feed, in addition to our usual weekly This is Money podcast.

In these interviews, Simon will find out more about the other side of business away from profits and growth - and how it can be a force for good. 

Meaning Business will uncover the stories behind business ideas, the inspiration driving entrepreneurs and how those interviewed cut their path to where they are today.

On this first episode, Meaning Business gets topical and speaks to Craig Wilson, Managing Director of Williams Advanced Engineering and part of the Ventilator Challenge UK project.

Williams Advanced Engineering draws on the motorsport heritage, knowledge, technology and way of working of the Williams Formula One team, and it has been involved in Ventilator Challenge UK – working with other high-tech British engineers to get more ventilators built quickly to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.