Ludic Insights, Episode15: State of the Art Learning in a Digital World

Apr 29, 06:26 PM
Stephen Caldwell from Impress the Examiner, joins Garrick Jones & Paul Ashcroft to discuss state of the art learning in the digital world. 

Impress the Examiner is helping young people achieve phenomenal results in the exams, putting them through high performance experiences to prepare, supported by a great faculty network and expert practitioners for English, Maths and Science. How do you teach children to be the best they can be and understand the rules of the exams to achieve great results? 

Learn about the power of storytelling during the masterclasses, in supporting students deconstruct the exams requirements. Learn about the DIRT model - Dedicated improvement and reflection time and the implications from moving physical education to digital education and distance learning. Unlock the student’s full potential in a media reach, engaging way to achieve phenomenal results and… impress the examiner! 
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Produced by Aliki Paolinelis, Edited by John McGinty & Jill Damatac-Futter 
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