Friday, May 1: Baby Raccoon Update from Eunice, Bob Stefanowski Announces New Mask Giveaway Event, Stacy's Porch Portraits

May 01, 2020, 05:43 PM

Chaz and AJ had Eunice on the phone this morning with an update on the newborn raccoon that Chaz and Jennifer found in their backyard. Plus, Jennifer admits that she may have heard the exact moment the baby was born. (0:00) 

Bob Stefanowski called in to announce a new mask giveaway event in New Haven for next week, since there was such a high demand following Tuesday's event in Hartford. Plus, Joe from Oxford Lumber was on the phone to pledge some early donations to AJ's "Miles for Masks." (13:22)

Scot Haney has good news for this weekend's forecast, and his grandfather clock makes another guest appearance. (23:30)  

Happy birthday, Momma Gee! Ashley's mom was on the phone this morning to celebrate her birthday on air, since she will not be able to do it person. (32:52) 

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin was on to talk about a big problem in his city, ATVs. Chaz and AJ asked him about the decision to crush a number of vehicles that were confiscated, and the message he hopes to send by doing so. (39:59) 

During Winner of the Week, Chaz and AJ spoke to Stacy, who has been doing "porch portraits" of families in quarantine. (52:06)

Boss Keith's Top 5 this week was about the weird things he's noticed during quarantine, including people who are "mask hot." (57:26)