Multimillion-pound campaigns to reignite demand for pork, beef and dairy

May 06, 2020, 05:00 AM
Things have changed, for the short term at least and today’s podcast will share a peek into the multimillion-pound marketing campaigns the agriculture industry has spent to boost sales and demand for these products nationally and globally. 

John Bates asks Christine Watts, our Chief Communications and Market Development Officer, what is the state of play in pork and is it only that sector which is facing challenges? But most importantly, what are we doing right now to make sure our UK farmers continue to stay sustainable and productive. 

Karl Pendlebury, our Senior Manager for Marketing, shares his experience of working with butchers and high-profiled chefs to develop shoppers’ interest and boost sales of different joints and cuts of meats, across social media and by providing recipe cards at your local butchers! To order your butchers kit contact our team.

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