142: Stolen Babies and The Phoebe Judge Interview

May 06, 2020, 01:00 PM

Piper Weiss returned for a 1993 Lifetime movie about Tennessee baby broker Georgia Tann, Stolen Babies, that won Mary Tyler Moore an Emmy. Is this a notch above the usual '90s Lifetime fare, or do the accents ruin the relatively snappy pacing and shockingly direct villainy of Tann's actions?

We dug into the Tann story thanks to the second part of the podcast: Kevin Smokler's conversation with Criminal and This Is Love host and co-creator Phoebe Judge from April 22, 2020. They talked about everything from Criminal's production timeline, to staying out of "the gotcha game," to how to report mainstream crime stories, to...well, Georgia Tann. Criminal has never missed a drop date or taken a break, so we're extra-glad Ms. Judge made time to talk to us. Get your paperwork in order for an all-new episode of The Blotter Presents.

[Portions of the interview were edited/elided to remove Skype garbling.]