Tuesday, May 5: AJ Isn't Prepared For His Cycling, Masks for New Haven, Who Lives the Longest?

May 05, 2020, 06:56 PM

Beth is a triathlete and trainer, who called Chaz and AJ this morning to help AJ along with his cycling training. As it turns out, he's woefully unprepared for what's ahead, and is in desperate need of chamois cream. (0:00) 

Bob Stefanowski was on the phone to promote Masks for CT in New Haven, giving away another free 50,000 masks to residents who need them. (18:17) 

AJ does not have the right shoes (of course) for a 24-hour cycling marathon, but the Tribe had a lot of advice to offer. (28:03)  

Boston comedian Will Noonan warns AJ about what "hitting the wall" feels like, and also how intense cycling is, even for a decorated runner. (32:09) 

In Dumb Ass News, a Peter Townsend clip turned into a debate about which member of Chaz and AJ would live the longest. (41:16) 

Ashley discovered her parents' record collections, which are wildly different, and learned all about the terrible music created by Dan Fogelberg. (46:23)