Ken Holland, Edmonton Oilers General Manager

Season 2,  May 06, 2020, 03:59 AM

Deb Placey is joined by Ken Holland, the General Manager of the Edmonton Oilers. Ken starts the conversation talking about why at the age of 64 he wanted to take the GM job in Edmonton (3:00) and what it’s like working with the Oiler’s ownership group (7:00). He discusses how he got his start in hockey management as a scout (12:00) and how hard it was to stop playing and start working as a scout (16:00). He reminisces about his time working at a liquor store during the summer, and how he almost became a vacuum salesman (20:00). Ken explains why Edmonton is poised to be perennial playoff contender, and why he credits Dave Tippett for the quick turnaround in 2019-20. He discusses Connor McDavid’s dedication to winning and how surprised he was at how good of a player Leon Draisaitl is (27:00). He looks back at his time in Detroit and tries to explain how drastically different the NHL is now and why certain players are willing to take less money than others (41:35). Ken talks about making deals with Steve Yzerman, how close the Red Wings were to trading Yzerman, Mike Babcock’s coaching future,  what he likes to do when he has time to relax and why organizing golf trips and getting out on the golf course brings him back to his hockey paying days (49:50).