GIITTV! Show Me Magic Episode 6

Episode 6,   May 06, 2020, 10:29 AM

The sixth episode of "Show me magic!" a new music recommends podcast from  Bill Cummings and Jim Auton debate and dissect the recent music that excites them most. They also discuss the #indieallstars hilarious new video, is there too much shouty #postpunk around now? And round off the show with some classic tracks from Ladytron and Nick Drake, plus they discuss the new Oasis demo.

Track list
The Lottery Winners - Love will keep us together
RVG- Alexandra
Silver Sun - Photograph
Weirdo - Eurotrash
Do Nothing - Contraband
Kidsmoke - The Bluest You
Ladytron - Destroy everything you touch
Nick Drake - River Man
(Oasis demo chat)