Life in Lockdown series | episode 1

May 07, 05:00 AM
Hello lovelies,

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well 💗

After a one month break, we are delighted to be back on the podcast (yay!!) and we’ve decided to dedicate our weekly episodes to living life during lockdown. Each week, we will talk about how we are navigating this new way of living and working, focusing on a different topic each time - from dating, working from home and relationships, to managing the emotional rollercoaster of lockdown and everything in between.

In this first episode, recorded on day 42 of lockdown (!), we talk about:

  • Our own experience of lockdown, our discoveries so far and the positive lessons we have been learning along the way.
  • The new Saturday night ritual that has been lifting our spirits!
  • The importance of kindness and compassion during this time of uncertainty 
  • Our tips on releasing anxiety (IGTV videos to the EFT/Tapping videos that we mention can be found over here
  • Creativity and the positive benefits of taking time to pause, reflect and go inwards during this time.
  • And much more!

We really hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it 😍

Project Love weekly love-ins 
Every Monday lunchtime (1-2pm BST) during lockdown, we have been holding weekly love-ins on Zoom for us all to gather together and check-in with one another and exchange tips on how to navigate life in a time of Coronavirus. They are absolutely gorgeous (and totally free). Come along for a virtual hug from us, connect with a loving and supportive community and receive some EFT/Tapping to get you ready for the week ahead. Here is the link to join 🤗

Love always,

X Selina & Vicki