Friday, May 8: $20k Raised for AJ's "Miles for Masks," Dr. Brett Mocks AJ's Mentality, FEMA's Captain Russ Webster

May 08, 2020, 05:48 PM

Bob and Amy Stefanowski were on to announce the official total raised from AJ's "Miles for Masks." He may not have been able to last a full 24 hours, but he's provided a LOT of masks for folks who need them! (0:00)

New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker was on with Chaz and AJ to talk about his apparent side gig as a plumber. It all started with a funny typo while the mayor was on News 8, and he addresses whether or not he feels comfortable with the May 20th reopening date. (6:31) 

Kristin Okesson is the general manager for Connoisseur Media CT, and was on to applaud AJ for his valiant effort during "Miles for Masks." Plus, her son has been named as one of six US pro halfpipe team members! (22:28) 

A California Highway Patrolman describes one of the top 10 craziest things he's ever seen happen in Dumb Ass News. (26:00) 

Sports Psychologist Dr. Brett was originally scheduled to help AJ power through his last few hours on the bike. However, since AJ had to hop off a little earlier than planned, the call turned into an impromptu roast of AJ. (28:19)

Beth the cyclist and trainer had some tips for AJ to recover from his 12-hour cycling endeavor. Hopefully he listens to her this time, since he ignored all of her preparation advice. (42:39) 

Captain Russ Webster from FEMA was on the show to talk about the planning and response to the COVID-19 outbreak in New England. (47:16) 

Without surprising anyone, AJ is nominated as this week's Winner of the Week. (59:34) 

Trooper Christine Jeltema called in to warn all the people speeding on CT highways, that they will be pulled over and ticketed starting... now. (1:02:36) 

Boss Keith was in to offer his Top 5 Zoom tips, to everyone that didn't read the email last night. He also admitted to perhaps being responsible for AJ's physical struggles this morning. (1:15:36)