Kylie Chenn - A Tour Operator's Point of View

May 19, 2020, 12:00 PM
Kylie Chenn, founder & CEO at Acanela Expeditions, joins The Destination Marketing Podcast to provide the unique perspective of a tour operator on the destination marketing industry. Kylie shares her journey with international travel and tour operating, as well as what her company is doing while travel is banned during the coronavirus crisis to not only keep people interested in travel, but also to support the people she works with throughout the world.

"We have team members all around the world, whether they're contract, whether we fully employ them, that are not working right now. There's no inbound travel to their countries. We really had to think strategically about how to bring business to them in a time where we can't bring people." -Kylie Chenn on supporting her international partners during the Covid-19 travel restrictions.

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