4-CT - 2020 "State Of The Air" Report - 25th International Festival of Arts & Ideas

May 10, 12:15 PM
Today we'll start by introducing the co-founder of 4-CT, a a non-profit that unites donors with nonprofit programs that are struggling through the COVID-19 situation - and learn about local musicians uniting in song to help raise awareness for 4-CT projects.

And we'll close touting the virtual 25th Annual International Festival of Arts & Ideas - bringing you artistic exhibits, food experiences, cell phone-guided walking tours, the NEA Big Read, and Ideas programming with a theme of “Democracy: We the People” all free and online.

In between we'll check in with the American Lung Association to review their 2020 "State Of The Air" report and try to figure out why the state is doing so poorly protecting and preserving the very air we breathe.