Turbo Scrubs and the Tech Talk Swap Shop

May 12, 12:00 PM
Hello, Tech Talk fans! Episode 325 is ready for your ears!

We cover a handful of news items in today’s episode, chiefly the Microsoft Surface Go 2’s arrival; how does it compare with the rest of the ‘not-quite-a-tablet-not-completely-a-laptop’ market? Can anyone make a convincing case to buying it? Elsewhere Steven’s been glued to shopping channels during lock-down: he will soon be the proud owner of something called a ‘Turbo Scrub’! Will he get bored enough to give us a full review next week? Also WWDC is online-only this year, but we do have a date: June 22. More on that in later episodes...

And then to emails, and not only are Robin and Steven apparently ready to open some kind of Swap Shop for tech, but we also cover drone parcel deliveries when deaf/blind, Facebook notifications, Optacon’s under the stairs, keyboards for El Braille, and the increasing problem with modern films which have a strong combination of mumbly dialogues, overly loud soundtracks as well as audio description... sensory overload!

If you want to quiz, argue, moan, brag, complain, adulate… (or simply ask a question), you can do! Get those emails sent to techtalk@rnib.org.uk and you’ll get to hear Andy read them out in an upcoming episode.