Featuring Sarah from Sea Arch & Sober Club Member Sue Reed

May 15, 01:16 PM

Janey speaks to Sober Club member Sue Reed at six months sober, and Sarah Yates from Sea Arch Drinks.

Janey interviews Sober club member Sue Reed who shares her ups and downs at six months sober.  She talks about how she has grown and become almost like a different person, found her talent for writing and finally felt able to address some old trauma.
Heres the post Sue wrote that inspired me to interview her https://www.thesoberclub.com/member-spotlight-sue-reed-at-six-months-sober/

We have teamed up for this episode with Sea Arch Drinks and Janey speaks to Sarah Yates the founder  Here's the lovely recipe for the Rhubarb Blush mocktail Sarah mentioned

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