IMPACT LEADERS - Lockdown Series Part 4 of 5 - Measurement & Challenges

May 21, 11:00 AM
IMPACT LEADERS Podcast - Lockdown Series Part 4 of 5 - Measurement & Challenges

Questions covering key subjects discussed on this episode include:

+ How investment companies measure the real impact of their investments
+ Some of the big challenges for sustainable investments in 2020 and beyond

Thank you for listening to the IMPACT LEADERS podcast, featuring Leaders focusing on Sustainable & Impact Investment and Performance with Purpose sharing their stories, experiences and advice to increase awareness in the market and highlight best practices, in order to help more companies and institutions transition more capital into the industry faster. 

This episode is part of a special series that was inspired by listeners asking to hear more about some fundamental concepts, trends and the much needed collaboration for a more sustainable future. 

So we created this set of 5 shorter episodes given the extended lockdown period we are experiencing, in case you have some extra time and want to invest it in learning something new.

I am JP Dallmann, Founder and CEO of ILA & Partners.

As you know, I usually interview and feature a specific leader in the industry, but on this occasion I am being interviewed by my dear friend Emilie West, so she took the opportunity to ask me about a few personal reflections and lessons, further background on ILA and partners, and our initiatives, including the creation of this podcast. 

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