Monday, May 18: Heimlich Stories, Brooks Parker on City Council Zoom Fail, Dr. Browne's Coronavirus Update from Griffin Health

May 18, 2020, 05:52 PM

Stamford Deputy Fire Chief Tom G was on the phone to talk about firefighters escaping from a burning building. (0:00) 

A man was saved from choking when he ran to his neighbor's house. Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe to call in their stories, Johnny Rocket was saved by grandma and Charlie choked on soup. (9:21) 

Ansonia Mayor Cassetti was on to explain the city's plan to let restaurants open by shutting down some streets, and Brooks Parker, the former Wethersfield Councilman was on to explain the ill-fated Zoom call that lost him his job. (23:42) 

Don in Bridgeport provides further proof that you will be hung up on if you don't get right to the point. (37:54) 

In Dumb Ass News, a cameraman completely blew it by bad-mouthing his job on a live mic. (39:50) 

Attorney Bob Mitchell was on to help the Tribe through their employment concerns. Frank called in his concerns with returning to work, given his medical background. Can he refuse and still collect unemployment? (42:39) 

Dr. Browne is the Chief Medical Officer from Griffin Health, and thinks things are getting better. He described what the hospitals looked like during the peak of COVID-19 infections, and what we can continue to do moving forward to prevent a second wave. (51:13)  

Allie from the Ridgefield Playhouse was on to talk about shows that are still on sale for this year, and the plans the venue has for seating to comply with social distancing. Plus, the Tour Rider Game! (1:06:16)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Dennic McAllister was on to talk about the rise in anxiety during the pandemic, and the silver linings he's noticed from quarantine. (1:24:14) 

Ashley returned to the studio today, and immediately spit all over the counter and her computer while arguing that motorcycle rallies should just be moved to next year. (1:37:07)