082. The Secret to a Better Night's Sleep

Episode 82,   May 19, 2020, 06:00 AM

When was the last time you evaluated your sleeping surface? While a good mattress does not guarantee you a perfect night’s sleep it can help. In today's current crisis stress affects us all and no doubt impacts our sleep. We know sleep and rest are vital for maintaining good mental health.

Manchester startup Levitex has invented a completely new type of foam technology for pillows and mattresses, which according to the company offer a ‘gravity defying’ night’s sleep. Levitex has also worked with Olympic and Paralympic athletes to help aid rest and recuperation after a training session.  

The business has raised funding on Kickstarter and reached its £10,000 target in just four days.

We needed to find out more! Levitex founder James Leinhardt joins Trish to chat about the business and how he is weathering the current economic uncertainty. 

Host: Patricia Keating
Guests: James Leinhardt, founder Levitex Foams http://www.levitex.co.uk/
Listening Time: 50 mins
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