Introducing: Oh, Snapped!

May 18, 09:02 PM

What do these words make you think of? 

If you said “Snapped,”  first of all you’re right and second of all you have found your newest favorite podcast. 

You may already know Tyrella and Tori. They’re sisters and the hosts of the true crime podcast Killer Queens. And are so excited to announce their newest podcast called “Oh, Snapped!” where they recap episodes of the Oxygen series Snapped

Snapped is one of the first shows that ignited our passion for True Crime. 

Together, we’ll go back in time and relive the series from the beginning; sassy narrators, terrible reenactments, and bask in the glory of the one murder show that no other can live up to. 

Oh, Snapped! is a safe place without judgement to talk about your favorite Snapped episodes with us- people who totally get your love for murdery stuff. 

Starting June 1st, join us every Monday for an expletive-free recap of the gift that keeps on giving: Snapped. 
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