144: Fake Heiress and Unsolved Mysteries S03.E10

May 20, 2020, 01:00 PM

After our plans to cover Amazon docuseries The Last Narc got disappeared along with the show, Jessica Liese and I pivoted back to familiar ground: Fake Heiress, a late-2019 pod on everyone's favorite art-foundationing NYC scammer, Anna Delvey/Sorokin. The podcast isn't good, and across-the-pond class issues read weirdly to us North Americans...but is it a fast and fun enough listen for us to recommend? Or are you better off rereading the contemporary coverage?

We went even further back in time for our second Cold Case of the episode: the third-season Unsolved Mysteries segment on the disappearance of Nyleen Marshall. We're pretty sure we know what really happened to little Nyleen, but the things we as a culture didn't understand about confessions, eyewitnesses, and the determination of amateur detectives 30 years ago led to an interesting discussion...and a proposal for a reboot we might actually need. Can't find this episode in your podcast app? We blame the CIA in The Blotter Presents, Episode 144.