Three Thicc Nerds & One DJ #GrownDadBusiness Ep.198

May 20, 04:03 AM

Aaron, joined by Aaron Crothers & the GDB Champ Cory; he's been a biological father for almost a year now, talk about his #dadlife but mostly dumb stuff.

Aaron, joined by Aaron Crothers (artist/nerd/dad) & the GDB Champ Cory Bernazzoli (he's been a new father father for almost a year now, check episode 170), to talk about his #dadlife but mostly dumb-nerdy stuff like: soundcloud rappers, puking on your kids, Red Dead Redemption, Meatloaf's daughter, Nintendo Switch, Grippos chips, sobbing over videos games, Fall Out Boy, baby first words, James Bond posters, sweet beards, "BuffetStrongStyle," and old band photos.
"This is the best 50 minute, half-hour podcast we've ever done!"

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