COVID-19 and the Drivers of Disparity (Webinar 5/7/20)

Episode 2,   May 20, 2020, 03:00 PM

This episode is the first in a three part virtual learning session series on the combating the Drivers of Disparity against the backdrop of COVID-19. 

The coronavirus pandemic has magnified health and socio-economic inequalities that community organizers and public health experts have been grappling with since long before the virus struck. The cultural landscape of South Los Angeles has been shaped by its unique history of organizing against social and health disparities that disadvantage its Black and Brown communities. In order to disentangle COVID-19 and the Drivers of Disparity in South LA, three organizers share detailed personal and professional insights into how this health crisis has impacted the political, economic, and social realities for South LA residents. You will hear them describe on-the-ground experiences in the different communities they serve, challenges and opportunities of organizing during the pandemic, the importance of togetherness for exerting community power, and the essential role of narrative - and narrative change - for the inclusion of historically marginalized communities in formal recovery efforts.