Ep 3 Life in Lockdown Series | Working from Home

May 21, 2020, 05:00 AM
Hi lovely, how are you doing?

We are back with another podcast episode for you from our ‘Life in Lockdown’ series. 

With the boundary between work and home now feeling so blurred, we thought we would dedicate this week’s episode to working from home during lockdown. 

In this episode, we talk about:
  • Our own experiences of working from home during lockdown and how we have been adapting 
  • Productivity tips to help you to focus (particularly if you have a tendency to procrastinate!)
  • The importance of creating healthy boundaries between work and home 
  • Rituals to help you to get ready for the working day and tips on how to stay energised and in flow 
  • Tips on how to transition out of work mode, to unwind, de-stress and renew your energy after your working day 
  • And much more!

What would you like to hear us talk about next in this ‘Life in Lockdown’ series?
While we’ve been recording this ‘Life in Lockdown’ series we’ve really enjoyed how many of you have been engaging with us and joining in the conversation to share how you’ve been feeling. So we wanted to offer you the opportunity to tell us what you would like to hear us talk about next in the series. 

We really hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it.

Project Love weekly love-ins 
We are still holding our free Monday lunchtime love-ins (1-2pm BST) on Zoom where we all come together and check-in with each other. It really is a gorgeous time filled with love and support and always sets us up for the week ahead. And as always, Vicki will be leading us through some EFT/Tapping to help us to start the week feeling calm and at ease. Here is the link to join 🤗

Lots of love,
X Selina & Vicki