Episode 145 - John Holler of Holler Brewing Company

May 21, 2020, 11:00 AM

Today on the podcast Eric is joined by Felice Sloan of Swanky Maven to discuss some of the latest news from the Houston restaurant and bar scene including Acme Oyster House coming to Houston, the latest group of spots to shutter, Treebeards new project, and Weights + Measures getting a refresh. In the Restaurants of the Week section Eric and Felice speak about the latest places they've been to during the reopening phase. In the Guest of the Week portion, Eric is joined by John Holler of Holler Brewing Company. John speaks with Eric about he got into brewing beer, his gateway craft beer, why Holler Brewing Company has a more neighborhood focus to it compared to other breweries, the process in deciding to dump a batch of beer, operating without a taproom amidst the Covid-19 health crisis, changes their making during the reopening phases, what they've done to stay open, the future of Holler Brewing Company, and much more!

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