Rafael Badziag - Billion Dollar Secret

Jul 31, 01:26 PM

Billion Dollar Secret

Rafael Badziag is the author of Billion Dollar Secret - 20 principles of billionaire wealth and success. Base on in-depth interviews with 21 self -made billionaires this book teaches you how-to think like a billionaire and achieve amazing success in business. Profit first-hand from the proven knowledge of world's best entrepreneurs and step up your game

There is no other book available anywhere in the world that contains this much entrepreneurial experience, insight and wisdom in it. From the foreword by Jack Canfield.

#1 global Amazon bestseller in the US, UK, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Brazil , Germany and several other countries

Highlights of this episode
  • Key principles from the billionaire 
  • Importance of controlling your future
  • Step by step on how to get ahead in life
  • How do you get rich?
Useful links: 
Billion Dollar Secret
"The Billion Dollar Secret" - Book Launch Speech - Rafael Badziag - London 2019 - https://youtu.be/srz5GuhlzeU
Rafael Badziag's LinkedIn

Time Stamps:
[11:00] Rafael Badziag
[12.40] How he started his billionaire journey
[13:00] The billionaire secret available to you
[14:08] Controlling your future
[17.30] Step by step on how to get ahead 
[21:20]  How did he make his first  million 
[25:20]. How he brought E-commerce back to Germany from the US
[28.20]  What’s the secret? 
[31:43] Can you make this happen?
[34:00] What's stopping you?
[36:10] Importance of "just do it"
[37:05] What to give yourself
[41:53] How do you get rich