Hollywood Legend Stanley Tucci Shares his Tips on Getting Through Life's Struggles

May 22, 2020, 12:14 PM
Stanley Tucci - is an American actor, writer, producer and film director.

What are the biggest struggles you have been through in your career?

How did you overcome your emotions when you were going through these struggles?

I heard about your Negroni drink - and my friend seemed to think you should have stirred and not shaken.

When you played "George Harvey" in The Lovely Bones (2009)] you said "I never wanted to play a serial killer. I don't like to watch things about serial killers or kids getting hurt. I can't stand that, really. But this was something beyond that. It was an exploration of loss and hope. And I'm glad that I chose to do it."

Stanley shares such great value in this episode, it was a real joy to speak with him.