Open Orphan, Russ Mould and Paul Hill

May 22, 12:49 PM

Open Orphan describe what their £12m fundraising will be used for. Russ Mould: is company valuation possible? Paul Hill on: Lloyds, Elecosoft, Northbridge, Aviva, ClearStar & Accesso.

On The Vox Markets Podcast Today: 22nd May 2020

Cathal Friel, Executive Chairman of Open Orphan #ORPH describes what the proceeds of their £12m fundraising will be used for.

Russ Mould, Investment Director at stockbroker AJ Bell discusses the slew of companies conducting equity fundraises and if it's possible to accurately value a company at the moment.
(Interview starts at 10 minutes 43 seconds)

Paul Hill, full time investor and equity analyst gives his view on the market and mentions: Lloyds #LLOY Elecosoft #ELCO Northbridge #NBI Aviva #AV. ClearStar #CLSU Accesso Technology #ASCO
(Interview starts at 26 minutes 13 seconds)

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