083. How to Unlock your True Potential - Starting with Sleep

Episode 83,   May 26, 2020, 06:00 AM

We all understand the power of a good night's sleep and conversely the detrimental effect that a lack of sleep can have on our everyday lives. 

When you’re in the early stages of growing a business it’s natural to want to put in all the hours - to pull an all nighter to finish that big pitch or get a website up and running - but if you don’t schedule time to rest and sleep it could ultimately lead to long-lasting damage to your health. 

Aidan Kearney began his career in the police force in the Republic of Ireland. His passion for helping people, along with his background in psychology, led him to work with world renowned Professor Steve Peters, creator of the groundbreaking Chimp Paradox before he launched his own performance psychology consultancy, Malleable Mind.

In this podcast, recorded before the coronavirus lockdown, Aidan shares his top tips and habits to help unlock the power of your mind to ultimately reach your full potential.

Host: Patricia Keating
Guests: Aidan Kearney, founder Malleable Mind https://malleablemind.co.uk/
Listening Time: 50 mins
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