In conversation with: Sydney King Lucas Walker

Episode 110,   May 26, 2020, 12:44 AM

Sydney King Lucas Walker joins me to talk all kinds s**t
  1. D1 v D2 and how that conversation mirrors the Next Stars Program. Playing time vs Pro experience
  2. NBL Media & Content consumption habits of Waxy and the Kings
  3. What kind of media NBL players want to consume? Matthew Adekponya and The Foundation Club? 
  4. Player generated media…
  5. NBL19 vs NBL20 (from Cairns 6-22 to Sydney 20-8). Which season did Waxy prefer? Day and night. 
  6. Role assignment in the NBL
  7. The player-agent relationship in the NBL
  8. What was it like being the last guy signed for NBL20?
  9. Selling yourself to a GM?
  10. Analytics - are stats a good measure of a player’s worth?
  11. Weaver losses his s**t!
  12. Xavier Cooks, Kuany Kuany sadly gets cut and Waxy gets worried! 
  13. NBL rookie hazing 
  14. The horrible December run (3W-5L) what happened? 
  15. Does Coach Will Weaver chew out players or flame the team after big losses?
  16. How does Waxy explain Kickert’s huge resurgence at age 36?
  17. The comeback and smashing by United in the Semi Finals
  18. Were the Kings too friendly? 
  19. What was the bigger foul? Reggie’s push on Jordan or Lisch’s push on Trimble?
  20. The Game 3 adjustment versus Melbourne United to win that series 
  21. The Grand Final - what was the defensive strategy on Cotton? 
  22.  AAU Defence and ‘The Drops’ 
  23. Casper Ware’s struggles and the attempts to rectify it 
  24. The Last Dance’s ‘get out and play’ rating