The Disappearance of Paige Birgfeld (S1 E2)

Episode 2,   May 27, 2020, 04:02 AM

Paige Birgfeld was a mother of three who was adored by children and by her close knit group of friends. Recently divorced from her second husband--the father of her three kids--she was working multiple jobs to make ends meet while raising the kids on her own. Paige's last known contact was a cell phone call to her first husband around 9pm on June 28th 2007. And then she vanished without a trace.

As police investigate her disappearance, they discover that Pagie had been working as an adult escort--which escelates their fears that she may have met with foul play. THIS ONE HAS A RESOLUTION, YOU GUYS! IN THE END WE FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED!

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