Minisode 22: Stage 5 Wine Clinger

May 27, 2020, 04:00 AM

Longtime friends Sarah Harris and Morgan O'Brien sit down weekly to explore true crime and murder, so grab your headphones and binge with us! This week on Crime Binge the girls discuss some developing true crime stories for the month of May. Sarah brings us the  sad story of  Alejandro Ripley, a 9 year old boy in Miami who went missing and was later found dead and the conclusion to the Lori Loughlin trial. Morgan talks about a man in Omaha, Nebraska who murdered a local predator and the case of the Highland County teen who wasn’t actually missing but wanted to start a new life. As a bonus, we hear a tale of a man in California, whose need for wine could withstand the 80mph drive on the highway under a semi. 
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