Faith Schools Debate - Phil Trow Breakfast Show BBC Radio Derby

Apr 17, 2012, 08:09 AM

This morning we've been talking about faith schools - and one school in particular. Derby's new Al Madinah school. It'll will be the first free school in the country to have a Muslim ethos. The school's head master Andrew Cutts-McKay says it'll give its pupils a good moral grounding. But the founder of Derbyshire's Secularists and Humanists, Mike Lake, says it's giving young people the wrong the start in life. Listen live to BBC RADIO DERBY: #BBCRadioDerby #BreakfastShow #Derbyshire #East #PhilTrow #AndrewCuttsMckay #MikeLake #DerbyshireSSecularistsAndHumanists #AlMadinahSchool

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