Wednesday, May 27: Finding Food in the Wild with Trapper Don, Survivalist Kevin Estela, and a Flubble Contender Emerges

May 27, 2020, 05:38 PM

Trapper Don was on the phone to talk about the ways to find food in the wild, if you were hiding or living in the woods. Plus, AJ shares the same mentality as a raccoon. (0:00)  

Bill Schietinger from Connecticut AMR was on to talk about the therapy dog program, and the plans to have a dog on the ambulance in the future. (12:20) 

TV and movie critic Joe Meyers talks about how the shutdown has affected movie releases, and what it might look like at theaters when things finally open up again. (23:00) 

Kevin Estela was on to talk about basic survival skills needed to survive in the woods for days at a time, and AJ tells him about his "eat out the garbage" theory. (29:00) 

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin announced a social media challenge recently, and was on with Chaz and AJ to explain what video submissions he's looking for. (40:55)  

Box in East Haven called in and made a flubble to rival AJ, the undisputed king. (47:08)