Sports Innerview 05/23/2020 - Memorial Day Weekend Special Show with replay of classic Sports Innerview with Yogi Berra and Ted Williams

May 28, 10:34 PM
On this special Memorial Day weekend show, Ann replays her classic ‘Sports Innerview’ cable series’ conversations with two of the most legendary icons in sports: Yogi Berra & Ted Williams. Both had decorated military careers that they didn’t talk much about. Yogi served in World War II and at 19 years of age, was on a rocket boat that stormed the shores of Normandy on D-Day. Two months later, he was bloodied by a bullet in Operation Dragoon and earned a Purple Heart. Ted Williams served in the US Navy and in the Marine Corps. He was a Naval Aviator during World War II and flew as a wingman for John Glenn (astronaut & US Senetor) in the Korean War. He flew 39 combat missions and earned several Gold Stars.
True American heroes!