Are we all going on a summer holiday?

May 29, 03:42 PM
It's nearly June, the sun is shining, and right about now people would usually be eagerly anticipating summer breaks they’ve booked, or planning where to go away.

Meanwhile, the sunny weather over the past few months would usually have led to thoughts (and lots of features) on a staycation summer.

But this isn’t any given year.

Coronavirus and the lockdown means we are advised not to travel abroad, don't know when we will be able to, and might have to take an extra two weeks off to quarantine when we get back.

That should means it’s Cornwall, Devon, Norfolk, Wales, or a week in Skegness on our minds, instead of France or Spain. 

Overnight trips are still barred though, the domestic holiday industry is unsure when it will be back up-and-running, and some locals are reportedly not too keen on visitors.

So, will we get a holiday this summer and how can you protect yourself when booking and paying?

On this podcast, Simon Lambert, Lee Boyce and Georgie Frost talk holidays: where to go, when you might be allowed to, and the all-important financial side involving booking, cancellations and refunds.

There is also the thorny question of how travel will look in the future and whether the holiday industry will bounce back while people still have long waits and fights for refunds on cancelled trips fresh in their mind?

And finally, what about opting for van life instead? 

Volkswagen revealed this week that quotes for its California campervans have soared in lockdown – and Simon fill us in on what it’s like to go away on a 2,000 mile road trip in one, having done so the summer before last.

He’s also got an idea, involving buying a campervan and renting it out, so that it pays for itself and turns a profit. 

Classic man maths or solid money-maker, you decide?