Friday, May 29: Foxwoods Reopening Plans, Mousetrap Trivia with AJ, Winner of the Week with Alyssa Goggi

May 29, 2020, 05:03 PM
Foxwoods Chairman Rodney Butler was on to talk about their plans to reopen on June 1st, adding plexiglass at tables and slot machines, and the other safety measures they've applied. (0:00)  

What songs make you the happiest? There's a list on the internet, but Chaz and AJ wanted to do better. Ashley and AJ suggested two wildly different songs by Michael Bolton and Extreme. (11:55)  

In Dumb Ass News, a man claims to be able to communicate with leprechauns, and Ashley doesn't know what a leprechaun wears. (16:15)  

Mousetrap Trivia. AJ had to identify a song by title or artist, or stick one his precious toes into a mousetrap. (19:20)

Attorney Norm Pattis was on to discuss the legal options for the UConn murder suspect, now that he's waived extradition. (29:30) 

President Trump called Chaz and AJ to talk about the SpaceX launch getting scrubbed, Joe Biden's mask, and how he's feeling after taking hydroxychloroquine. (42:02)

Chaz and AJ offered the Tribe a choice, Loser or Winner of the Week. Kat chose her wife for a winner of the week, because she built her own #D printer and has been using to make ear guards for protection from mask elastics. Plus, comedian Alyssa Goggi had another winner to nominate, and it all centered around cake. (45:45) 

Gregg Dancho from the Beardsley Zoo talked about their reopening process for June 1st, and how it will work to get everyone through safely while social distancing. He also admitted to having met Carol Baskin before, and refuses to watch "Tiger King." (55:31) 

An old AJ flubble about cheese resurfaced, and brought good feelings of life before a pandemic to the crew. (1:08:32)