In conversation with: Perth Wildcat Bryce Cotton

Episode 111,   Jun 02, 2020, 05:44 AM

NBL20 MVP Bryce Cotton of the Perth Wildcats joins the podcast to talk his new brand 'C11: Faith and a Dream', NBL20, the Euroleague, the NBA and NBL21. 

  • Famous People from Tucson 
  • Endurance 
  • What does Cotton score on a Beep Test
  • Bryce’s unaligned panels on the ball when he shoots - even at the FTL
  • Bryce’s GPA
  • Jordan and The Last Dance
  • C11 ‘Faith and a Dream’
  • Favourite bible verses 
  • The Hero’s Journey from Star Wars
  • CNS and DJ Newbill 
  • Was CNS the most difficult challenge to last year's title?
  • “They’re (The Kings) playing after the whistle”
  • Paying attention to Corey Homicide Williams and the NBL Media
  • Lamar Patterson
  • What NBL players Bryce likes to watch?
  • Euroleague struggles on and off the court 
  • Boti Nagy’s book Mahervellous and the similarities between Bryce’s game and Brett Maher of the 36ers
  • What has made Shane Larkin (Bryce’s pseudo-replacement in Turkey) successful? 
  • Turning down the Draft-and-Stash offer from the San Antonio Spurs 
  • Bryce’s thoughts on his NBA/NBL scouting reports
  • Analytics vs feel
  • A tryout with the Clippers and going against Scottie Wilbeken - who was praised for his defence on Bryce - was Wilbeken a handful? 
  • Congratulating Damian Martin the moment Perth were announced as Champions
  • The construction of next year’s team?
  • Going for a 3-peat with Terrico White 
  • Finding a good barber in Perth
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