Tuesday, June 2: Joe Saved His Neighbor and Won a Grill, Chris Lyons and Joe Murgo on Police Brutality and Racial Inequality, AJ Brings Back Shock Collar Trivia

Jun 02, 2020, 06:48 PM

Joe was the winner of the Good Neighbor Grill Giveaway yesterday, courtesy of Art's Television and Appliance, and shared the story of saving his neighbor's family from a fire. (0:00)  

Another Masks for CT giveaway was going on in East Hartford with Food Share this morning, and Scot Haney was on the phone to talk about the turnout. (7:48)

Chris Lyons is a retired Hartford Police Detective, and was on the phone to talk about the disgraceful actions of the four officers in Minneapolis, and shared some stories from his time as an officer. (12:01) 

Lt. Joe Murgo with the East Haven Police was honest about his childhood, the daily stress growing up as a person of color, and the duty police officers have in every town and city to protect the citizens. Plus, Manchester Mayor Jay Moran gets a new nickname and talks about how things are going in his town. (25:38) 

Boston Comedian Will Noonan sounds overwhelmed with the year, and can't handle any more happening. (43:46)

The return of Shock Collar Trivia, thanks to AJ. The Tribe called in their questions, AJ took the pain, and the montage of his brain short-circuiting filled in for Dumb Ass News. (54:53)