Talking to Kids about Racism With Guest Author Jelani Memory

Season 5, Episode 39,  Jun 04, 2020, 11:00 AM

Hi Mamas. Wow. This week has been a painful and powerful reminder that some conversations with our kids are scary and uncomfortable and can’t wait any longer. Yes -we are talking about race and racism. As 5 white moms, we know that we have a true responsibility to help our kids confront and contextualize today’s realities in the hopes that tomorrow can be better and more equal for all. This week, we were honored and excited to welcome author (and FATHER 👋🏻OF👋🏻SIX👋🏻) Jelani Memory to our show. Jelani wrote the book that we all need right now: A Kids Book About Racism. It’s a truthful, simple, warm, and engaging book aimed at younger kids that has been helping us spark honest conversations with our children. We got Jelani’s perspective on today’s unfolding events and why it’s so critical to be having these conversations with our kids over and over again as we help them understand and process the world around them. Then we let this bad ass dad go get his 6 kids to bed 😉.