Jen Joyce - Conscious Recoupling: How to use the Conscious Uncoupling process to Revitalise Your Relationship

Episode 9,   Jun 01, 2020, 07:00 AM

Jen Joyce brings 25 years of adult evolution and leadership development expertise to inform her work with couples as they go through separation or divorce. She created award-winning leadership development programs for Bell Labs wherein she was an early pioneer in combining professional individual growth with development of the leadership team, a model now established as a best practice. 
She has studied with Katherine Woodward Thomas of Conscious Uncoupling fame over the last eight years and is a certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach. Jen merges her practical experience from leadership team development with her deep insights into couple’s relationships to help couples navigate the often-painful process of separation and divorce. Along the way, she helps each individual break through the old patterns that undermined their relationship. Consequently, each client has the support needed to create a more compassionate and courageous divorce process with much less harm to everyone involved AND uncover a more emotionally aware and healthy self that can create the future they envision. 
Clients say they most appreciate the way she “gently and lovingly does not accept anything less than digging deep.” They say that she brings a “combination of experience, insight, and deep understanding, but also a no-nonsense strength that really comes across in the way she communicates. “

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