Pete Price - Presenter, Radio City, City Talk, Radio Merseyside

Episode 104,   Jun 04, 2020, 03:29 PM

From a chef and hairdresser - to becoming one of Liverpool’s leading on-air characters.

In this hour of Radio Moments – Conversations, Pete Price tells of his early years on stage at a colourful time in Liverpool’s before making his debut on BBC Radio Merseyside. After more years as a comedian and singer, tempted back to Radio City, he was offered the late-night phone which he made his own. 

Shunted from Radio City across Magic, City Gold and the first and subsequent incarnation of City Talk, the programme developed a life of its own.

Pete opens up about how he helped his city through Hillsborough and the murder of Jamie Bulger. He talks too about the importance of sound management and gifted production, of the drama of great radio – and his fears about the future of the phone in genre itself – and about the future of radio talent.

In his own words, this is the Pete Price story.

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