Thursday, June 4: Foxwoods First Week Open, Cart Narcs, Jimmy Koplik Concert Stories and Updates, Sports Restarting with Drew Brees

Jun 04, 2020, 06:17 PM

Jennifer and Ashley share stories about the odd things they were hit by, Jennifer was pooped on, and Ashley had gum thrown in her hair. (0:00) 

Rodney Butler from Foxwoods was on to talk about their first week reopening, and how restaurants and shopping will get back to normal. (3:55) 

Chaz and AJ made three important calls to Connoisseur Media CEO Jeff Warshaw for his birthday, Boss Keith for his birthday on the same day, and their GM Kristin Okesson for being named one of the most influential women in radio. (11:35) 

Cart Narcs are a group of people who can't stand when folks leave shopping carriages in the parking lot. They often video tape their interactions, and Chaz and AJ had some audio from one of their most recent posts. They especially loved how he made up his own siren sound. (16:55) 

There are some new conditions added to the qualifying list for medical marijuana in Connecticut, and Joe the Weed Guy was on to explain them and if the state is any closer to legalizing marijuana. (26:01) 

Jimmy Koplik shared some stories about strange concert pairings, and opening bands he though were better than the headliners. Plus, the Tribe had some questions for him about concerts being rescheduled or canceled. (33:03) 

Jason Page was on to talk about the latest in sports; the likelihood of a resumed NBA season, the big problems with Major League Baseball, and all the trouble Drew Brees made for himself yesterday. (53:08)

In Dumb Ass News, AJ is called out for fake news and a rare Chaz flubble caps it. (1:05:50) 

Following the conversation with East Haven High School's Lexi, Chaz and AJ felt depressed with themselves for not achieving more. (1:10:45)