Friday, June 5: Viral Arrest Remix, Ashley's Cavity, Comedian Chuck Nice on Protests and Police Abuse

Jun 05, 2020, 06:14 PM

WFSB's Roger Susanin, AKA "Big Rog," talks about restaurant owners pleading with Governor Lamont to open early, and how proud he is of his hair. (0:00) 

An arrest has gone viral, for a woman dancing and singing to the officer that he's about to lose his job. The internet seemingly immediately made it into a remix, that transfixed the entire show. (5:17) 

Ashley is refusing to have her cavity fixed, because she's afraid go into a dentist's office. After she admitted to never flossing, Tribe member Tracy called in for Dumb Ass News to explain to Ashley why she needs to get her teeth examined right away. (8:01)

Comedian Chuck Nice was on the phone for Winner and/or Loser of the Week, but first addressed the George Floyd protests, police brutality, growing up black near Philadelphia, and made an incredible analogy for those still struggling to understand that not all police officers are being targeted. (18:10) 

Winner and/or Loser of the Week continued with nominations from Bill in Wallingford, and Eleanor in Monroe who had a Loser of the Week nomination. (27:52) 

Boss Keith's birthday was yesterday, and his Top 5 list tackled the stupid things the internet says he should already know how to do. (33:27) 

AJ's phone went off in the middle of a call, which led to a big argument with Siri. Everyone felt AJ handily lost the argument. (39:53)