The Alternative F1 Podcast - The Importance of Black Lives Matter in Formula 1

Episode 12,   Jun 08, 2020, 11:08 AM

In this episode, we discuss the news from America and how it’s impacted our lives and how it needs to continue to impact them daily. It’s a raw topic and one that you may not want to listen to but unfortunately for those who don’t, it’s a conversation that needs to be had.
Racism is prevalent in our world, including the world of sport. We’ve seen it as fans and some may have even felt it. Now more than ever, it’s crucial we open the conversation up and point the finger at those who need pointing at.
Last week, one driver stood alone in his protest of racism, in an industry of thousands of people. We want him to know that we stand with him and all black lives in sport and around the world because they matter. Black lives matter