Tuesday, June 9: Joe Meyers on Movies That Aged Poorly, Getting Concerts Back, How Connecticut Graduations Returned

Jun 09, 2020, 07:12 PM

In Dumb Ass News, a woman is suing after spinning around 174 times while being rescued by a helicopter. (0:00) 

Movie and TV Critic Joe Meyers was on to talk to Chaz and AJ about the movie blockbusters that have not stood up to the test of time. The Big Chill, Star Wars, Avatar, and Ben Affleck's career after Good Will Hunting were all discussed. (7:07) 

Phase 2 of CT's reopening process is June 17th, and Dave from the Riverview Bistro was on to talk about how he's gotten the restaurant ready, and what things will change from phase 1. Plus, Stefanie from the Capitol Theater gave an update on live concerts, and how they might be broadcast to audiences instead of having them attend live. (20:31) 

In news, Tara was on to talk about CT graduations coming back soon, and how she helped to make that a reality. (34:19) 

Inspired by a story in Dumb Ass News, Chaz and AJ talked about the times they had to take an emergency deuce outside. (43:15)