Rj Madhuri in conversation with Siddharth Devake

Jun 10, 2020, 10:37 AM
3       Siddharth Devake

During the lockdown, many individuals spent extra time on social media for time go, whereas some frolicked watching TV. Some did family chores and a few spent lockdown time enjoying video games. A father-son in Nanded, Maharashtra turned unemployed after the lockdown. When the thoughts stress elevated, we determined to take away the water scarcity in the home. Together they dug a well exterior their home. Now not solely his household, but in addition the folks of the area are pleased with the water in the drought-hit area.
 Siddharth Devake, who lives in Muljara village of the district, . Apart from this, S additionally labored in the native band at evening however his work stopped after a sudden lockdown. After the work stopped, his concern in regards to the household elevated. The summer time began when the scarcity of water additionally began rising. Rj MADHURI  interviewd Siddharth devke .